Our Services

Sri Balaji Solutions provides services in the education segment helping students, parents and educational institutes.

For Students and Parents

Provide awareness on job opportunities prevalent for students

We understand that education determines the career and future of student; therefore, we serve to put them in the right path so students attain success in their academic and professional life. Besides helping students and parents, we help educational institutes to acquire an interested bunch of students with potential to excel in the chosen course.

Career Counseling for students to select the right course that suits them the Best

Everyone has aptitudes, abilities, likes and preferences which they need to evaluate before selecting their courses for their career. At Sri Balaji Solutions, we have counselors that counsel students to make the right career choice. Be it engineering, medicine, law, management courses or something in the artistic or creative domain, we help students find out where their potential lies. We aid you in making a very important decision in life and we would guide you correctly.

Aid students in admission to educational Institutes

In today's competitive world both students and parents are under pressure for obtaining admission in colleges on time. In addition to that there are lots of unreputed, unrecognized colleges, where students are tricked to join, spoiling career prospects and important years of the student life. Sri Balaji Institutions have a network of top institutes in every category, be it in engineering, law, management or IT, these are the institutions students dream to join and these are the institutes we help place our students.

From training the students to score in test assessments, to filling up forms for admission, we aid them. We guide students into proper channels for getting financial aid. In short, we help students through the whole tedious admission process.

For Educational Institutes

Help Educational Institutes get the most suited students for courses

The responsibility of educational Institutes is not just to impart knowledge to students, but to groom students with skills, character, and confidence for them to face life's challenges in future. A student who has selected the most suited course from a institute would reap the maximum benefits of the training imparted by the institute to excel in the chosen field. Such a student brings and adds name and glory to the institute that helped shape the student's skills and unleash the student's potential.

Spot Admission

Sri Balaji Solutions is authorized by various colleges to conduct spot admission and interview. Apart from this we also do admission under NRI/Management quota for various institutes and courses. We therefore have successfully provided admission to many students in their desired course and colleges.

Parental Package

In today’s world it is very tough for a parent to send their ward to a new place or unknown destination, even if it is for education. We at Sri Balaji Solutions would like to offer a unique package sharing the worries of a parent who wishes to provide proper education and best of facilities to their ward.

We at Sri Balaji Solutions offer a complete parental support to your ward in field of health, education, travel and other facilities as such that you child feels home away from home.

Services under Parental Packages include:

Student Packages

We understand that choosing an institution is one of the most important decisions you make in your life that is why at Sri Balaji Solutions, we counsel students with as much care as u care for your career. We provide wide range of services under the student package to support and guide you towards a bright future.

Services under Student Packages include:

  • Counseling
  • 1. One to One Counseling

    2. Tele Counseling

    3. Online Counseling

  • Updates on
  • 1. College Opportunities

    2. Form Availabilities

    3. Job Opportunities(Part-Time/Full Time)

    4. Other Opportunities

  • Financial Assistance
  • 1. Short Term/Long Term

    2. Educational Loans

  • Placements
  • Travel Assistance
  • 1. Travel & Ticketing

    2. Accommodation (PG’s, Hostel, Flat)

  • Providing Platform for
  • 1. Buying & Selling of Households

    2. Buying & Selling of Vehicles

    3. Opening Bank A/C's

    4. Transfer of Funds

    5. Almost everything

Career Counseling

The business of Sri Balaji Solutions has been structured into four individual Strategic Business Units ( S.B.U) Career Counseling and Admission Guidance is provided free of cost to all Indian Students as a part of contribution to the development of society. Any cost arising out of same is completely borne by the Company only.

Admission Guidance

Sri Balaji Solutions has launched a unique career counseling program to help you make a wise career decision. This program is aimed at guiding the students towards a career path that best suits their interests, aptitude and capability.

Sri Balaji Solutions attempts to address this crucial issue of career selection and development procedures by designing a systematic and step-by-step process of Career Development. This involves the following stages:

College Back Office Support

We at Sri Balaji Solutions, using our expertise in marketing, help colleges in promoting their various courses by enabling to reach to a larger segment of students. Using our Wide Network of Consultants Along with the support of various Databases, Tuition Centers and Other Marketing Activities, we have successfully created awareness about various colleges and enabled them to get the right kind of students.

Beside this we also take care of various outsourced activity of colleges like creation and maintenance of websites, designing prospectus, brochures, leaflets, issuing newspaper advertisements, conducting group discussion and interview across the country on behalf of them and so on. Thus, by providing a host of quality services at competitive price we try to save the admin cost of college and also make them free so that they can spend their precious time in providing quality education rather than just drawing marketing plans.


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